Generation JukeBox
Generation JukeBox 2.0 :: Claude Monet Edition
What is Generation JukeBox?
Generation JukeBox is family of software for managing PC-based jukebox. Our jukebox provides integrated multimedial environment, aimed to playing music on demand and managing jukebox resources. Jukebox plays mp3 files, displays graphical user interface wich could be customized with skins, are navigated with five plus two buttons, could organize music, make usage stats. Additionaly Generation JukeBox works under Linux OS so it could be not only applied cheaper but also guarantee predictable, stable work, even on older and slower hardware. Jukebox are provided in polish and english language versions, it could be also easily internationalized by us on customer demand.

Claude Monet Edition :: Fitness
Claude Monet Edition is a branch of Generation JukeBox destined to play background music during fitness exercises. It won't charge fee for playing, has different queeing scheme, additionaly interface shows Beats Per Seccond parameter, so important in this application.
Language / JÍzyk
United Kingdom
Currently we are working on Claude Monet edition suppossed to Fitness applications. That edition are being created with Fitnessmusic Polska - it official distributor.